Coconut diet is a newfangled method of losing weight, which every day becomes more popular all over the world. The coconut and oil from it contain a huge amount of useful substances, but it is a low-calorie product, with which you can quickly get rid of excess weight.

Weight loss on a diet with coconut

The main reason for the appearance of excess weight is often the use of high-calorie fatty foods: if a person eats it too often, then all fats and calories are invariably stored in the body in the form of fat deposits. To get rid of the accumulated fat it is possible only with the help of the burn fat diet limiting the caloric content of a ration and imposing a ban on any products containing many calories. The acceleration of metabolism, promoted by coconut oil, is also important and it is recommended to include it in the daily diet.

Coconut weight loss - a newfangled method for beautiful and healthy body!

The essence of coconut weight loss

The inhabitants of the islands in the Pacific not in vain call the coconut palm the tree of life: its fruits contain a huge number of vitamins and trace elements, fiber and proteins, positively affecting the entire human body:

  • Strengthen the immune system;
  • Stimulate metabolism;
  • Accelerate muscle recovery after exercise;
  • Prevent the development of viral and autoimmune diseases;
  • Improve the work of the intestines.

The most important element in the composition of coconut is lauric acid - a strong antioxidant, protecting the body from diseases and slowing down the aging process. In addition, fats contained in the oil are completely cleaved and not deposited in fatty deposits, while providing a person with energy and stimulating fat burning. This is the essence of losing weight with the help of coconut milk, butter or the fruit itself: despite the considerable content of calories, they are recommended for use with a diet as such products are natural fat burners. Knowing how useful a coconut is for a diet, many prefer to include it in their ration as it helps not only lose weight, but also improve your health.

How much weight can you lose on a coconut diet without harm to health?

The total calorie diet on coconut depends on its specific variety, but in general, it does not exceed 1200 Kcal per day. Thus, this nutrition method provides a weight reduction of 7-10 lbs per week. Important for women is the fact that the extra shapes go off on the coconut diet. They really decrease, but primarily due to the removal of excess fluid from the body, and only then begin to split fatty tissue.

Coconut Diet: Menu for 7 days

In order to get rid of 10 lbs per week,Coconut weight loss - a newfangled method for beautiful and healthy body! it is necessary to eat according to the example of the following menu: 1. Breakfast: half a coconut and 2 tbsp of rice dietary porridge;

2. For dinner, we eat half a pack of low-fat cottage cheese, and we drink unsweetened green tea;

3. We dine with the rest of the coconut part and rice (we eat it 15 minutes before a coconut).

Coconut oil weight loss Slimming with coconut oil can be achieved in two ways:

1. In the morning instead of the usual breakfast, use 1 tbsp. of coconut oil;

2. Before each meal no more than three times a day, drink coconut oil (a large spoon).

Diet on coconut water Using of coconut water is a great fat burning diet without following strict constraints, if you follow simple rules:

1. Daily use of coconut water, preferably before meals;

2. Refuse too fatty and high-calorie dishes.