To lose weight due to subcutaneous fat, and not at the expense of water and muscles, you need to eat and exercise properly. But weight loss plans require discipline and consistency. And no matter how much we dream to lose extra weight quickly, we can not deceive the body, and it's easy to hurt ourselves. So let's burn subcutaneous fat wisely!

The most widespread mistakes of losing weight

Many make the first and very important mistake in nutrition - greatly reduce the diet and switch to a low-calorie diet of 500-1000 kcal. And they manage unloading hungry days. For starting your fat burning diet plan, it is enough to truncate your usual diet by 300 kcal and add some physical activity. But people usually want to lose weight quicklyFat burning diet plan: how to prepare yourself for a forthcoming vacation! and they cut the diet by 500-1000 kcal. As you know, 0.5kg of fat=3500 kcal. As to the laws of thermodynamics, if you consume 500 calories every day for less than your needs, then theoretically at the end of this week you should lose 0.5kg of fat. Double this amount and you will lose 1kg. But nutritionists have long known that this approach does not work and this program brings only disappointment. Studies have demonstrated that as soon as food enters the biological system of the human body, additional factors come into play. Therefore, one can not reduce everything to a simple calculation of the number of spent calories, which disappeared together with 0.5kg of fat. Dr. Benardot of the University of Georgia tested 2 groups of people (gymnasts and runners). One group followed a diet that included 500 calories less than required to maintain the required weight, and the second - 300. The results were stunning. A group that consumed 300 calories less had a smaller percentage of subcutaneous fat than the first one, which actually consumed a smaller amount of food. His conclusion was this: when a person consumes too little calories, the energy consumption at rest slows down.

How many calories should you cut on a diet


In fact, ideal for ladies who prefer to burn the maximum amount of present fat in the short time is a deficit of 300 calories. So forget about the low-calorie diet. When you cut your diet by 300 (for females) or 400 (for males) calories, you may keep the metabolic rate at a high enough level, while continuing to burn fat. In addition, you need enough energy to withstand increased physical exertion and yet feel good yourself.

Tips for proper nutrition for burning fat

So, there some tips on proper nutrition for burning subcutaneous fat and maintaining muscle mass:

  • Do not reduce your caloric intake by more than 15% and do not starve.
  • Choose a convenient amount of meals, but try not to allow large breaks between them, so as not to provoke overeating.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of plain water in small portions throughout your day.
  • Use complex carbohydrates and fiber instead of simple carbohydrates and sugar, and also consume at least 1-2g of protein per 1kg of weight daily.
  • Be sure to have breakfast, because the first meal sets the tone for the whole day. In addition, breakfast limits the risk of overeating during the day.
  • Take vitamins daily.
  • It is important to sleep minimum 7 hours a day.

That is, proper nutrition is the most important aspect of the best fat burning diet. In addition, along with proper nutrition, it is still important to properly conduct your training aimed at burning subcutaneous fat and increasing muscle mass.