Trimming your diets effectively can greatly help in weight loss. All the same, a condition known as weight cycling is said to affect more than half of all individuals experiencing fast loss of weight. In simple terms, weight cycling occurs when an individual loses a lot of weight only to regain it soon afterwards. Trimming diets puts more emphasis on whole but still healthy meal plans which other than helping in weight loss still maintains general body health.

One week weight loss plan

  • Calorie management – Any excess calorie that finds its way into the body gets converted into inert forms of fats and stored under the skin. Females are estimated to burn an average of 2000 calories in a day while males are averaged at 2500 calories. Reducing the daily intake of calories to just above 1200 calories can help you shed a pound off your weight every week.
  • 300 calorie breakfast – In almost all study cases for successful weight loss, the individuals have been known to maintain a 300 calories breakfast. Note that you are not advised to skip breakfast, since it contributes much to how active you will remain during the day.
  • Whole meal lunches – Some people get the misguided idea that starving themselves of lunch will help in the long run weight loss plan. What it does is hike you appetite and end up taking heavier dinner than you should. The best approach is to take lunches abundant in wholegrain meals plus a protein topping. This can be accompanied by a spicy desert plus some hot sauce if you are a fan.
  • Light dinners – The most popular trick to taking lighter dinners is to go for a snack break some hours after lunch and before dinner. Fruit salads can also be used to accompany the snacks. This helps cut on excess appetite that may be present at dinner time. Dinner should be light, majorly composed of lean proteins. Leafy greens should also be included in the final meal of the day.
One Week Weight Loss Plan – Trimming Your Diets and Calorie Intake Effectively

It is advisable that you consider finding more information of the amount of calories contained in particular foods. This will help deal with the vagueness associated with statements like ‘avoid going below 1200 calories a day.’ Note that it is not much practical to try losing any significant amount of weight in a period short as one week. The above meal plan can only help if adopted for long term effects.