Success in losing weight is not measured by how fast you shed off pounds but by how long you are able to maintain the achieved success. It does little good if you are to lose several pounds only to regain them not long afterwards. Workout exercises are one of the best plans with which long term weight loss results can be achieved.

Best simple exercises for rapid weight loss

  • Quick Weight Loss Workouts – Best Simple Exercises That Help Burn Calories FastTimed cardio exercises – Cardio exercises are of a great variety. It is in fact unlikely that you will miss a particular cardio exercise you can comfortably engage in. timed cardio exercises require that you spend about 20 minutes in a less vigorous cardio practice. This is to be followed by half that period of vigorous cardio exercise. You can for example jog for 20 minutes and run for about 10 minutes.
  • Strength training exercises – This type of exercises are meant to force the muscles into a high demand for ready energy. That ready energy can only be sourced from calorie burning. This may require that you access specialized equipment like weight lifts. Advisably, always skip a day before a follow up exercise to avoid muscle strain.
  • Combined circuit training – Select several of your favorite cardio exercises and combine them with an equivalent number of your favorite strength training exercises. For every selected exercise, dedicate about a minute, a period during which you will exclusively engage in the exercise. Again, it is good that a day be skipped between consecutive training sessions. This allows enough time during which your muscles will heal from any fatigue or damage encountered during the exercises.
  • Warm up sessions – Always avoid dipping into vigorous training workouts before a warm up. Warm ups help prepare your body for the coming exercise especially loosening any stiffened muscle. This also applies to when you are ending your workouts.

It is important that you get a doctor’s advice if you find workout trainings harmful to your health. It will be even better that you get a gym instructor to help you though complex strength training exercises. Remember to adjust your diets to match the calorie level necessary for workout trainings. The best approach is to take more but small quantity ready energy foods. The good thing with ready energy foods is that they provide for short term energy needs and rarely leave any calories to be converted into fats.